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$1 billion in overpayments uncovered and countless hours saved.

Our proprietary algorithms and team of industry experts do the work so you can focus on what matters: your participants and policyholders.

Industry Leading Solutions

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Death Audit
Identifies 96.5% of deaths with 99.9% accuracy.
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The Complete Solution
The industry’s only end-to-end solution.
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Find Potential Beneficiaries
Finds 80% of spouse beneficiaries and 95% of first-degree relatives.
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Locate Missing Participants
Finds the hardest to find decedents and participants.

Participant Management Focused

Our solutions leverage innovative state-of-the-art systems and the largest team of experts in the industry to find more decedents, participants and beneficiaries than any other service. Solutions that have helped our clients streamline operations, save millions in overpayments and meet regulatory obligations.

It’s true, innovation drives our growth, but customer service sustains it. Our customers can always rely on our dedicated sales and account teams to make sure they get what they need every day – satisfaction reflected by a 98% product renewal rate.

As a Berwyn customer, you can be confident you’re doing what’s best for your plan, participants, beneficiaries and policyholders.