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Your one stop shop for pension plan management.

CertiCensus is the industry’s first and only single-source, proactive pension plan population management solution to significantly reduce costs, eliminate overpayments, ensure regulatory compliance, and mitigate cybersecurity risk. This true end-to-end solution makes it simple to efficiently manage resources and protect the longevity of your plan.

The degradation of the Social Security Administration’s Death Master File (DMF), participants relocating, and expansion of regulations has required many plan administrators to build internal processes, work with a variety of service providers, and use disparate data sources to manage their pension participant pool. This puts the business at risk for not meeting DOL missing participants, making overpayments, wasting resources, and increasing cybersecurity risk. CertiCensus solves for all.

CertiCensus: The Complete Solution

Chart showing how CertiCensus helps with a variety of items: participant communication, locating missing participants, identifying decedents, finding beneficiaries and detailed reports.

Eliminate overpayments, reduce fraud, and document for compliance while saving time and resources.

Significantly reduce your cybersecurity risk by working with one participant pool management provider.

Here’s an estimate of your annual overpayment savings if you were using CertiCensus:

*Assumes 2% death rate
Overpayments CertiDeath will likely uncover for you:$
What Our Clients Say:

“This is so much more than we expected. I am so impressed with the reports that we get including the frequency and the amount of information provided. The CertiCensus beneficiary search is amazing.”

– Corporate Pension

“I cannot imagine what we would have done without CertiCensus. Staffing changes left us with less visibility into pension plan management, which could have led to overpayments and compliance issues. CertiCensus saved us hours of time we would have spent working on this manually.”

– Multiemployer Pension

CertiCensus Certified: Showcase data compliancy.

CertiCensus Certified is an awarded credential that provides you and your plan participants the confidence that your pension participant data:

Several Outreach Efforts Completed

Has gone through a rigorous and documented process that aligns with the guidance of regulatory organizations.

Detailed Documentation

Has documented due diligence with a detailed audit trail for each participant.

Updated Participant Records

Contains updated records which is critical for effective outreach to missing participants, identification of decedents, and identification of potential beneficiaries.

With CertiCensus Certified, pension managers have the confidence they are doing their due diligence every step in the process. This true end-to-end solution furnishes plan sponsors with all the tools necessary to optimally manage their plan – thereby extending the life of their plan while adding much-needed efficiencies.

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