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Locate missing participants.

Lost participants are unavoidable and present a fiduciary liability for plan sponsors. But even with the most conscientious record keeping, participants still go missing. Don’t let them fall through the cracks when finding them can be so simple with our participant location services.

Discover the right solution.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to updating participant data. This is why we offer three unique solutions:

Data Scan

Perfect for de-risking, Data Scan is our fastest solution that provides best-known addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers and names.

Data Cleanse

Data Cleanse takes a deeper dive into updating data, even when a quick turnaround is still necessary. Decedents are identified with CertiDeath, invalid SSNs are corrected and provides all the benefits of Data Scan.


When accuracy is important, CertiSearch is what you need. This comprehensive solution aligns with industry regulations and is recommended to use for locating missing participants, RMDs, PRTs, 401(k)s and uncashed checks.

Stay connected with your participants.

Data Scan Data Cleanse CertiSearch
CertiDeath validated death audit
Attempts to find beneficiaries
Attempts to correct invalid SSNs
Address updates Unconfirmed Best Known Unconfirmed Best Known (up to 3) Confirmed & Attempted
Outbound mailings with customized letter
Outbound phone calls
Social media searches
Participant confirmation by web, phone or mail
Weekly updates with confirmed data
Project end report
Estimated timeline (based on project size) 1 day 2 to 3 days 10 to 14 weeks

We’re here to help you save time and keep your participant data updated.