Services to Help Manage Participants & Policyholders

We are an industry leader because we brought together proprietary AI and human expertise. Our suite of services allows you to select what is best for your unique population. We do the work in finding your participants or policyholders so you can focus even more on customer service.

What area of your population’s data can we help you with?

Population Management

Simplify and streamline your process for required documentation, locating participants/policyholder, finding decedents, identifying beneficiaries, and have a full audit trail.

Death Audit

Identify decedents to provide benefits that are owed to surviving beneficiaries and to reduce overpayments.

Locate Missing Participants & Policyholders

Finding people is no simple task – let us do the work for you. Our full locate service includes phone calls, outbound mailings, social media searches and a death audit.

Find Beneficiaries

Beneficiaries are often owed benefits, but are hard to track down. If you have incorrect or missing beneficiary data, we can help.

Uncashed Check Services

We have extensive experience in check distribution, reissuing checks, tracking/reporting, and communication for audit purposes.