If you got a letter, it’s because an organization is confirming how to reach you about your benefits.

We help pension plans, insurance companies, unions, corporations and other organizations update their contact information on individuals. Please follow the instructions in your letter so they can reach you about your benefits.

We send two types of letters:

Answers to questions we often get:

Berwyn connects organizations and companies with their population to give individuals the benefits they deserve. If you received a letter, it means a pension, insurance company, union or another company/organization is trying to confirm your address or reissue a stale dated check.

Companies and organizations are required to communicate with individuals in their population about their benefits. It is a time-consuming and complicated process to find individuals, so they often hire professional services to help. We do our best to communicate the specific reason in the letters we send as to why a company or organization is trying to locate you.

Depending on what we are hired to do, we may use one or multiple ways to try to connect individuals to the company/organization trying to find them. This may include mailed letters, phone calls, text messages, emails, and/or links to social media profiles.

Responding to confirm your contact information is important for an organization looking for you to continue to communicate with you about your benefits and/or an uncashed check.

Organizations/companies are often acquired or merged with other companies. You may be able to search online for your former employers to see who was acquired or merged.

Some organizations and companies have not done a mailing in many years and may have chosen to update all their mailing addresses to ensure that names and addresses are correct. Even though they may have your address on file, some choose to update all the addresses that they have.

Not at this point. We typically work with benefits departments and satellite offices who may not be informed of the search being performed. Call the number on the letter you received to contact our call center – they manage responses and can provide you with more information.

Once you confirm/update your information with us, you are done. Each project and organization has different timelines and goals. It can take 90 days or more before you hear anything from the organization/company.

If we didn’t answer your question, please ask us through our contact form here.