Helping organizations manage their population.

We are a leader in population data management – providing trusted and effective death audit and locate solutions, with dedication to innovation, security, and generating outcomes to organizations across nearly all industries.






We help insurance companies by:

  • Finding more deaths and stopping overpayments.

  • Staying compliant and meeting asymmetrical regulations.

  • Finding missing beneficiaries quickly.

  • Reducing claims processing time.

  • Fulfilling new unclaimed property regulations.

  • Preserving reputation as a policyholder advocate.

Life Insurance

Fulfill your fiduciary and compliance responsibilities by finding missing decedents and providing life changing settlements to beneficiaries. Failure to locate missing deceased policyholders also puts your company at considerable reputational risk.

Long Term Care & Structured Settlements

CertiDeath finds thousands of missing decedents to save insurance companies millions of dollars in overpayments and release millions in unnecessary reserves.

Pension Risk Transfer

We can clean the data to ensure accurate PRT pricing. With CertiCensus, we can find 96.5% of decedents, locate missing participants/beneficiaries and manage all participant mailings.


Managing individual annuity policies requires continuous and comprehensive population management. CertiCensus manages communications with policyholders, ensuring addresses are up to date, identifying beneficiaries and decedents.

Not convinced? Ask us for a free CertiDeath analysis here. On average we discover 33% of your data is inaccurate and 99% of the time we’ll find a missed death upon initial upload. Learn more about how our solutions help the insurance industry in our blogs here.

Corporate, union/multiemployer, and government pension plans use us for industry leading solutions and unmatched support.

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Stops overpayments and protects the longevity of your pension plan. CertiDeath is the only true death audit solution and identifies 96.5% of decedents with 99.9% accuracy.

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Continuously monitors your participant population to find decedents, missing participants and beneficiaries. CertiCensus manages required mailings, streamlines operations and helps ensure regulatory compliance.

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Finds the hardest to find decedents, missing participants and beneficiaries.


Finds 80% of spouse beneficiaries and a first-degree relative 95% of the time.

Our customers can always rely on our dedicated sales and account teams to make sure they get what they need every day – satisfaction reflected by a 98% renewal rate. At the end of the day, Berwyn customers can rest assured they’re doing what’s best for their pension plan, participants, and beneficiaries.

TPAs streamline workflows with our innovative solutions.

The Berwyn Group stands at the forefront of assisting Third-Party Administrators (TPAs) through its innovative solutions, including CertiDeath, the industry’s leading Death Audit solution, and CertiSearch, designed for locating missing participants. These services address the participant data needs of TPAs of all sizes, enabling them to refine and optimize their operational processes effectively.

TPAs value working with us for:

The Power of Partnership

We collaborate closely with TPAs to empower their teams with comprehensive knowledge on our death audit and locate services. You have the option to actively engage our team in client discussions, combining our expertise with yours to deliver exceptional value and outcomes for your clients. 

Industry Leading Solutions

Our services offer TPAs the most accurate decedent and participant data available, enabling them to confidently prevent client overpayments and maintain strong connections with participants through timely and reliable information.

Detailed Reporting

Our reports for our death audit and locate services are not only audit-ready but also aligned with current DOL regulations, ensuring seamless support for clients during audits. These reports empower TPAs to confidently manage client audit processes with the most up-to-date compliance standards in mind. 

Contact us to learn more on how we can work together to provide better outcomes for your clients.

We help finance companies by:

Finding Missing Participant and Lost Shareholders

Keeping tabs on plan participants and shareholders can require too much of your time and resources. Whether it’s a bulk lump sum distribution or locating a lost shareholder, The Berwyn Group has multiple options to fit your needs.

HUD Requirements Can Be Challenging

New regulations and requirements have been made locating beneficiaries a challenge for financial institutions. Whether it’s many or a few, The Berwyn Group provides a solution to quickly locate and identify potential beneficiaries.

Contact us here to help you find missing participants and beneficiaries.

Our solutions help many other industries, too.

Our population data management solutions have been used in dozens of industries who manage a population. We can help update numerous data points for populations including: dates of birth, dates of death, beneficiaries, mailing addresses and SSNs.