We see more and more companies who claim to be leaders in the death audit and locate industry. But what makes a company a true industry leader? 

We believe a true leader is the company on the leading edge, who offers services above and beyond what anyone else offers. That’s how we see our CertiSuite solutions (CertiDeath, CertiCensus, CertiSearch, and BeneSearch). These solutions didn’t happen overnight, and they didn’t come easy. They are the result of millions of R&D dollars, decades of innovation and endless determination by the largest team of data scientists in the industry.  

So how do we really know CertiSuite is the best?  

We know we have the leading-edge solutions because we see our data vs. their data. It tells us we find far more people (living and deceased) than our competitors. It happens every time we examine a customer’s or prospect’s data and compare it to our data sources. In our CertiDeath Analysis we often find hundreds or thousands of missed deaths.   

Proof of our product superiority is revealed every time we perform a CertiDeath Analysis – which we do regularly. What we have found is that our closest competitors find 70% of deaths at best and with a lower level of accuracy. We know that CertiDeath identifies 95% of decedents with 99.9% accuracy. We see the results every day. 

Many death audit vendors advertise ‘validated’ results, but this term can be misleading. It’s crucial to differentiate between mere death data and a comprehensive death audit. Often, vendors present a bulk of potential matches, leaving you to sort through and verify each name. Our results are truly validated. 

Data Independent 

We are data independent. Which means we have our own proprietary database that we’ve built over many years. Many of our competitors get data from other companies. Some are even buying data from us. That puts them at risk if the outside source cuts them off. That will never be a concern if you choose The Berwyn Group or PBI Research. 

So, if you hear claims from our competitors about being the “industry leader”, ask them to explain how their products are superior and for proof behind their numbers. You want to avoid the costly mistake of being fooled by misleading messaging. CertiSuite is only available from The Berwyn Group and PBI Research.  


A key leadership quality is trust. And trust takes time. We’ve built our customer trust over decades of service with the largest pension plans and insurance companies in the U.S. Who do they trust to perform death audit and locate services? We’ve earned that trust from customers who include: 


of the largest U.S. pension funds


of the top 100 U.S. insurance companies

Customer Satisfaction 

Another key characteristic of a leader is customer retention. Our satisfied customers keep coming back because they can always rely on our dedicated sales and account teams to make sure they get what they need every day – satisfaction reflected by a 95% product renewal rate. That’s a high rate, but one we always try to improve.  


What is the truth? The word seems to have different definitions in today’s world. We see it as “accordance with fact or reality.” The reality is we are the true leaders in death audit and locate services. And we can prove it with facts.