Since the acquisition of The Berwyn Group (Berwyn) in 2023, Longevity Holdings, the parent company, has continued making significant investments in population data management, bringing together the industry’s best solutions and resources. Going forward, Berwyn will share in these investments to better serve the industry in new and innovative ways.

It begins with Berwyn now offering industry-leading solutions including CertiDeath®, CertiCensus, CertiSearch and BeneSearch, previously only available through PBI Research Services (also owned by Longevity Holdings). This change will make it easier for Berwyn clients to take advantage of all the benefits of market-leading products, while staying with a company they’ve come to know and trust.

Going forward, Berwyn will invest in more innovative solutions, product offerings, education, research, and development. In fact, we plan to introduce several new cutting-edge products this year.

The focus and vision remain the same:

Connecting leading-edge technology and data with best-in-class human ingenuity, we will continue to help organizations eliminate costly overpayments, maximize efficiency, meet regulatory requirements, and connect policyholders, participants, and beneficiaries to the funds they have earned and deserve.

Only now it will happen faster.

For Berwyn customers, it means better data and better outcomes, starting today.