Why a one-time-run death audit service is not enough.

We often hear from organizations that run an annual or semi-annual death audit and think they are doing enough. However, they are likely choosing a path that ends up costing them more in overpayments and time. It’s important to have continuous monitoring of your population and take a proactive approach. [continue reading]

2024-05-02T12:29:27-05:00April 8, 2024|Death Audit & CertiDeath|

Death Audit vs. Death Data

The decline of data accessible via the Social Security Administration Death Master File (DMF) in 2011 redefined the Death Audit category. With this change, Death Audit providers became Death Data providers. This shift added complexities to death identification resulting in a significant number of missed deaths and associated overpayments [continue reading]

2024-04-26T11:16:06-05:00February 8, 2024|Death Audit & CertiDeath|
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