Why a one-time-run death audit service is not enough.

We often hear from organizations that run an annual or semi-annual death audit and think they are doing enough. However, they are likely choosing a path that ends up costing them more in overpayments and time. It’s important to have continuous monitoring of your population and take a proactive approach. [continue reading]

2024-04-08T10:57:07-05:00April 8, 2024|Death Audit & CertiDeath|

How missing and inaccurate participant data impacts a death audit

The Death Master File (DMF) data continues to decline each year. In 2023, the DMF only provided 16% of death records. This degradation has caused conducting death audits for pension plans a much more complex task. Death audits now require the aggregation of thousands of data sources, primarily obituaries. [continue reading]

2024-03-21T16:31:51-05:00March 6, 2024|Death Audit & CertiDeath|
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